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Being a leading Social Media Marketing company in Pitampura is more than just an achievement for K2 digital Marketing Agency. Nowadays, social media is an incredible and valuable tool which has transformed the way a business interacts with its customers and bring value to their brand.
Social Media Optimization (SMO)
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K2 digital Marketing Agency has been playing well in the dynamic digital world. We are open to new, crazy and weird ideas. Strategizing marketing for every new business is a pleasant exercise for us and we strive to bring the desired results in whatever we do. We are evolving and making our digital marketing experience useful for clients’ brands.

Our main objective behind our social media services is to bring your brand in social conversations between your potential consumers to build presence on multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Koo, Youtube and many more. The more engagement you have on ansocial media platforms, more you get one step ahead in your business.

Most of the companies get confused when they face the prospect of selecting from so many various offerings by a social media marketing agency? What K2 digital Marketing Agency do- We help your business to reflect in sync with your social media presence which will build you as a brand. Our social media services team starts by auditing your competition & industry and identifying your customers’ needs.

Why K2 Digital Marketing Agency as your Social Media Agency ?

  • We help you engage with your customers or connections on social media.
  • We help you to reach your customer, and also educate them on your brand. We make them aware of your services and engage with them in a proper way that they are encouraged to try your services out. And with time, you will have a loyal customer base.
  • We conduct social media campaigns across many platforms and our methods are safe & effective.
  • We present your brand in the best possible direction. This way, you can communicate your brand values and can build your brand for the long term.
  • Based on your needs, We can also help you pre-launch marketing and Start-ups are welcome to test our services.


Develop Social Media Strategy

A strategy should define the main objective of your social media presence and set the parameters for what and how will be delivered. To develop a social media marketing strategy, we do extensive research about your business, and study your competitor’s profile, including the resources, channels and budget to achieve it.

• We do the complete social media audit, benchmarking current positions, implement keywords improvements and creating content plans to deliver consistent communications ongoing

• We will increase engagement from existing customers and connections, and to bring new audiences & followers. It will drive purchase through organic & paid activity.



Content Analysis

Set-out where you are in your social journey and where the business needs to be. Feeding your audience with great quality content will build an engaged relationship and is required to success on social media.

What type of content suits your brand? Is it Images, Videos, Infographics. This will help determine which channels are a good fit for you.

This step involves creating content for posts, & paid campaigns (ads). This content will be handed off to you to give you an opportunity to review it before it is shared with your audience.


Identify Your Audience

Knowing your audience, their interests, demographics, and motivations is crucial. This allows you to write and share your message to suit your ideal and target audience. The creation of audience personas will help to create and serve relevant content to that targeted audience only.

So here we find exactly all this information, to reach your preferable audience or customers.

Customer Data :- If you already have a customer database, you may be able to extract some information from this date such as name or contact or location.

To Reach Existing Customers :- Pick someone who is either a top customer, or who have shopped with you before, or one who is very engaged on your social channels. You can even reach out to them and ask if they are happy to share their information. This is a great way to get a true insight into who you are targeting. Bringing them closer to you online and therefore increasing the purchase rates.

Online Research For New Customers :- There are multiple existing sources online where you can research and gather data about customer and their behaviors & interests.



Choose The Right Channel

Choosing the right channels to use for engagement with your audience is more effective and efficient social media marketing.

Selecting your channel based will help to ensure you use the right content, to engage the right people, on the right channels while meeting your business objectives and maximizing your ROI.


Daily Monitoring & Growth Optimization

We keep a tab on trending topics and use appropriate hashtags and conduct periodic contests, to grow your social media channels

All social media activities such as reviews, engagements, comments, messages etc are reviewed on a daily basis and a response sent within 24 hours.




Start by defining the KPIs for your social media strategy, which is break down into macro KPIs and micro KPIs. You should align your KPI expectations with the metrics that you can track for each social network and can easily be measured. Then, check that your web analytics tools are configured correctly to capture all relevant data.